At A1 Design Solutions we follow the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) plan of works 2013

Before A1 Design Solutions jump in and start a new project we would evaluate the history of the site and its surrounding area, research the local planning policy and what planning applications neighbouring properties have proposed, and either had accepted or refused and budget; we would also in some instances take pre-application advice from the local planning officer. This is RIBA Stages 0 and 1.

Following the initial project evaluation, we would carry out a site survey to gather all the existing dimensions and a photographic survey to document the existing site. Within 3 weeks, the initial drawings are prepared for the clients consideration, and can be discussed with our building professionals.

We always ensure communication with the clients, optimised design solutions, amending drawings to the client’s feedback. But making sure that they are feasible for planning application, once everything is finalised and approved by the client, the application will be submitted to the local authority.

Full planning applications include:

  • Site plan 
  • Block plan
  • Existing floor plans, elevations, sections drawings of the property
  • Proposed floor plans, elevations, sections drawings of the property
  • Detailed Design and Access Statement
  • Heritage Statement (if required)
  • Flood Risk Assessment (if required)
  • Arboricultural Report (if required)
  • Application forms & Notification letters 
  • Community Infrastructure Levy Questions (if required)

This is stage 2 & 3 of the RIBA Plan of works 2013.

Please note – A1 Design Solutions cannot guarantee that planning applications will be granted.