Electrical design

A1 Design Solutions also provides a complete Electrical design service in the following areas:-

  • Extra-low voltage 50v <
  • Low voltage 50v - 1000v
  • Fire Alarms
  • Security Systems
  • Telephone Communication
  • Lighting

Extra Low voltage (ELV)

ELV is one way of protecting against electric shock which their are 3 different types.

  • FELV - Functional Extra Low Voltage
  • PELV - Protected Extra Low Voltage
  • SELV - Separte Extralow Voltage

Low voltage 50v - 1000v

Low voltage is between 50v and 1000v. in the UK our standard Line voltage is 230v and our 3 phase is 400v both (+10% to -6%).

These voltages are what we use daily within our homes and places of work. It is imperative that and electrical installation is well designed, installed and maintained.

Common design and installation errors occur that can cause negative impact on the efficiency and safety of electrical installation.