A1 Design Solutions is an architectural design practice in North Devon, that prides its self on our high quality designs specialising in environmental sustainability and low carbon building design approach.

Buildings tend to be the single biggest financial investment any person or company make. That is why we at A1 Design Solutions we work hard to understand your current and future requirements, consult with you and other construction professionals to deliver buildings that go beyond the expectations of our clients.  

Our principal low energy design approach is to design in natural science and physics. 

  • Primary heating from solar gains with secondary heating by mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR), or renewable energy sources
  • Primary cooling from architectural design and passive cooling
  • Passivhaus standards of airtightness to buildings
  • Maximising natural daylight usage and use of low energy lighting
  • High thermal efficiency of building envelope
  • Design in thermal mass of internal walls and structures to help keep constant temperature
  • Healthy ventilation with the use of good architectural building design to support natural stack ventilation and MVHR.
  • Re-using rain and grey water to reduce water consumptions    
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